•1 lb. Chicken, I cut it into small 1 inch strips.
•2 medium eggs, let them come to room temperature.
•1 Cup.Flour.
•2 Cups. Water, for cooking rice.
•2 cups. Water.
•2 large spoons. Of sunflower oil.
•One diced green pepper.
•A diced red bell pepper.
•Sour sauce, I used 8 oz.
•1 cup. Cornstarch.
•1 cup Basmati rice.
•Onions to garnished


Step 1:
In 3 different medium bowls, I combined cornstarch, flour, and 2 medium eggs. And using a whisk, I gently beat the eggs.
2nd step:
After that, I dipped the chicken pieces in this mixture and coated them in this mixture, then dipped in eggs and finally floured.
Step 3:
And I pour  canola oil to an instant pot, time heated on medium-high heat.
Step 4:
Then I cooked the coated chicken for about 5 minutes on each side.
Step 5:
Then I tossed in the diced green and red peppers with sour sauce, and tossed everything together.
Step 6:
At this stage, you had to make sure the valve was closed and set the pot to sealing, setting the timer for 3 minutes at the top.
Step 7:
Once the timer rang, I opened the valve, removed the chicken from the pot, and set it aside.
Step 8:
And, I placed the Instant Pot in the pot and combined in Basmati rice with 2 cups of water, and covered, sealing the Instant Pot tightly.
Step 9:
And I set the timer for about 3 minutes on high, then let it slack off for approx. 17 minutes of course.
Step 10:
Finally, I serve sweet also sour chicken with rice on side, garnish with chop green onions.

Enjoy !