Chicken & meatballs


+4 servings

°4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
°1 can of chicken broth
°2 cans of cream of chicken
° chopped carrots
° slices of celery
°1/2 can of peas
°1/2 onion
°crispy bacon
°garlic powder
°Salt and Pepper
°1 packet of puff pastry biscuits

* Methods :

Placing chicken breasts in bottom of slow cooker
Pour over the chicken broth and the cream of chicken
Adding carrot, celery / onions.
Adding garlic powder, salt, pepper & parsley flake on top, how more you prefer
Cook over high heat for 3 hours
Lift and chop the chicken. Add the chicken with a little bacon and crumbled peas, stirring.
Cut unbaked cookies and also put them in a pot. I divide each roll into about 3 parts and put them on top.
Keep cooking for about another hour on the highest setting or until cooked through.