Apple Butter

Looking for a new recipe, I fell in love with apple butter, a Canadian specialty, with just three ingredients: apples, butter, and maple syrup, we get a delicious, creamy, smooth and very greedy spread.  

With a teaspoon for the most greedy, but there it will be necessary to provide a reserve of apples

*Ingredients: 6 people. :

°750 g of apples
°60 g butter
°2 tsp. Maple syrup or agave syrup
°vanilla powder (optional)

* Preparation:

Peeled &; seed apple &; cutting it to thin tranches.
2.Putting apples tranches, maple syrup & a pinch vanilla powder in saucepan, mix & covering.  
Heat it about 15 to 20 min, stir occasionally. Your apple tranches must be crunchy with fork & there must be no juice left at bottom of pan.
Pour rest of saucepan to blender, adding butter and blend as well as possible.
Pour preparation to pre-grated jars.
Permit it cool & stored apple butter in refrigerator.

Enjoy !