10 amazing utilization for chapstick nobody ever told you about

At the bottom of the bags, in the pockets, in the drawers...there's always a lip balm somewhere. Useful for the whole family and all seasons to protect and moisturize But did you know there are other ways to use lip balm?

5 tips to give new life to your forgotten tubes of lip balm

rub her lips
For a soft, beautiful mouth free of dead skin, how about a little exfoliation? Apply a little lip balm to your lips, add sugar and gently rub your entire lips. A few paragraphs are enough. Then rinse it off and finish with a moisturizing conditioner. Another less greedy alternative, rub the product on your lips with a toothbrush. Pulp effect guaranteed!

Reducing and/or avoiding pimples with a lip balm
According to the same principle, lip balm is very much appreciated in the case of uncomfortable shoes and frequent friction. And if pimples are already present, apply lip balm in a rich layer to your wounds before bed! Relief guaranteed.

Nourishes dry hands
Out of hand cream? Their skin is seriously drying out? Don't panic: Take out your old tube of conditioner! Simply take a small amount of the product (let's say the equivalent of a grain of corn, and that's more than enough) and warm it up in your hands before applying it all over.     The discomfort and taut skin are gone! Your hands are soft and supple again.

Discipline of eyebrows and mustaches (from these gentlemen of course!)
 you can't harmonize it by just brushing it. Again, lip balm is recommended to deal with the little revolutionaries. Spread a little product on your eyebrows or mustache, brush (with your finger or a toothbrush) and be tamed all day! Another advantage is that they will be fed and therefore healthy.

Loosen the body with lip balm
Whoever has not put his finger in a ring or a very small bowl, then throw the first stone at us ... for adults but especially for children, better able to go and stick their little hands anywhere, Forget soap or dishwashing liquid: remove the rings that are too small and play Babies and other things by putting a little lip balm around the finger in question!    

Apply as an eyeshadow base
There are many unusual techniques that makeup lovers use to make their makeup last longer. Among them, some use lip balm as a base for makeup on the eyelids. If it helps illuminate the eye area, this technique especially allows to keep the eye shadow you add on top. Use a brush for better application and voila!

A true Swiss knife, we use lip balm for all of its uses!