Won't you believe what will happen if you sprinkle your bed with alcohol ?

Can't consider what takes place in case you splash alcohol at the mattress ?

If you've got got mattress bugs, you could now ruin them without problems with rubbing alcohol.Just spray the bed and pillows and after a few cases the mattress can be completely free of these bugs.

* It also can be used for plenty different functions such as:

Skin Cleanser
Acne cosmetics typically comprise benzyl peroxide.However, denatured alcohol has anti-inflammatory effects that soothe affected skin, cleanse pimples, and keep you from developing pimples.I just placed it in the affected area.

Treatment of cold sores  
About 85% of the world's population is inflamed by the herpes virus, but only a few feel a sense of relief.If you are one of them, stick with 70% isopropyl alcohol on the affected area and expect amazing results!
used deodorant  

You can use alcohol as an occasion for deodorant.It suffices to rub small touches on the armpits, but now be careful not to rub longer so as not to interfere with the skin.
Excess hair removal
After shaving, follow a touch rubbing alcohol for your armpits and bikini area, get rid of ingrown hairs and deal with irritation.
cold package
Mix water and alcohol in a 2:1 ratio and area in a resealable plastic bag withinside the fridge for an hour. Then use it as an ice pack, or sit back your food whilst you are out and about.

Remove nail polish
it's far easy. Do now no longer use chemical substances which could damage your nails, however rub it with alcohol and update the chemical acetone.

smooth your ears
Do now no longer use cotton swabs to smooth the ear, it could seem to smooth the ear absolutely, however it really pushes the earwax deeper into the canal.  So, you could blend rubbing alcohol with white vinegar, soak a cotton swab on this aggregate, then placed it to your ears and the earwax will pop out on its own. Lavender oil.  Spray this aggregate at the scalp and comb the hair to dispose of useless lice. Aloe vera gel to make a solution..