Banana lasagna !

A recipe for changing from traditional lasagna, with the originality of using plantains. If you want a more "creolized" recipe, you can add cive meat, india wood, vegetarian chilli ... For a lighter version, you can cook your bananas in water or steam. before carefully cutting them.

° 4 plantains
° 400 g ground beef
° 400 g of crushed tomatoes
° 1 onion
° 2 cloves garlic
° 1 bay leaf
° fresh or dried thyme
° 1 small handful of grated cheese
+for the béchamel
° 40cl of milk
° 40g flour
° 40g butter
° nutmeg
° salt and pepper

Peel the plantains. Cut in half and then slice lengthwise. Brown with a drizzle of oil and drain on paper towels. Finely chop the onion and brown it with a drizzle of oil. Add the garlic, thyme, ground beef and cook for two minutes. Then add the tomato, bay leaf, salt and pepper, run and simmer for 10 minutes.
Prepare the béchamel: melt the butter, add the flour, mix, pour in the milk, mix well and leave to thicken. Season with salt and a pinch of nutmeg.
In an oven dish, place a layer of banana followed by a layer of meat, then béchamel sauce. Repeat the operation and finish with grated cheese. Put to brown until the cheese is melted.

Enjoy !