Homemade Amish White Bread is ideal for burgers on first day & about French toast, griilled cheese or toast next. A good bread recipe that is an absolute treasure.

* You will need the following components :

° 6 cups of bread flour.
° 1 cup warm water.
° 1 cup warm milk.
° 1 1/2 teaspoon salt.
° 1/3 cup sugar.
° 1/4 cup vegetable oil.
° 1 + 1/2 tsp dried-yeast.

* Methods : 

Step 1:
In  bowl, I blended sugar & warm water, then removed yeast. Prove yeast to it looks like creamy foam.
Step 2:
I added milk-warm to yeast mixture also blended properly.
Step 3:
I blended 1 c of flour using a blender or by hand, mixed it to for 1 c of flour, and kneaded to it was flat.
The fourth step:
I putting dough in very hot oil & turned around to covering surface. Covering dough wiith  clean towel also permit it rise about an 1 h .
Punch, knead about a some min . The dough was divide to 2 parts.
Fifth step:
I shape the dough into a loaf shape and place it in greased loaf pans, cover it again also permit it rise for 30 min
Step Six:  
I baked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, placed in different utensils after baking, then on cooling racks.
Step 7:  I brushed the surface of the bread with melted butter just before eating it.
This will aide preserve the crust and keep it soft.  

Enjoy !!!