5 natural techniques to freshen any room

It is the period of extreme heat and repeated heat waves! We do not know what to do to cool off ... Suddenly, we tend to turn up the air conditioning to the max, or to crash in front of the fan ... The problem is that these 2 methods quickly increase the cost of electricity. Not very ecological, nor economical!

1. Close the shutters and lower the blinds It sounds so obvious, but many people forget that up to 30% of unwanted heat enters through windows. In fact, the simple act of lowering the blinds, drawing the curtains or closing the shutters can reduce your electricity bill by up to 7% and lower the interior temperature by up to 6 ° C!  In other words, properly protecting your windows from the heat of the sun prevents your home from turning into a greenhouse - especially for homes with windows facing south or west.

2.  Control the interior temperature with your doors During the hottest hours of the day, remember to close the doors of a room. It's a smart way to keep her from overheating. Conversely, take advantage of the night's temperature drops by leaving all the doors open to circulate cool air through your home.

3. Fan + ice cube = icy breeze Do you like the freshness of sea breezes? Then you will love the refreshing feeling of this Sioux trick which, moreover, is much nicer than the air conditioning! In a large salad bowl, pour plenty of ice cubes (or failing that, an ice pack). There you go, now put this salad bowl in front of a large fan and enjoy the fresh air. Tilt the bowl to increase the feeling of freshness. Trust us: the result is magic!

4. Use sheets and pillows adapted to the heat. Consider changing your sheets according to the seasons. This gesture can not only brighten up your bedroom, but also help cool you down on hot summer nights. Particularly insulating, flannel sheets and fleece fabrics are perfect for very cold periods.

5. Change the direction of rotation of the ceiling fans Do you have ceiling fans at home? Then this tip is for you! Few people know that one has to adjust the direction of rotation of ceiling fans according to the seasons. In summer, run your ceiling fans counterclockwise, and at maximum speed. Thus, they will generate a pleasant refreshing breeze for you and your guests.